Chocolate, Watches and Cuckoo Clocks

After spending a week in L’Argentière-la-Bessée playing with water, canyons and mountains James and I departed for pastures new.

I thought Via Ferrata and capsizing a kayak was scary, but nothing could have prepared me for the journey over the Alps! We had rain on Saturday and Sunday – lots of it – and it was still hammering down when we set off. We told Ol` Unreliable (the sat nav) where we wanted to go and to avoid the toll roads and what not and boy did it pick us a peach of a route.

I am sure that the road it picked to clear the Alps would have, under normal circumstances, been a slow and pleasant ascent offering undeniable beautiful views of what lay below. However, due to the rain we were treated to driving through thick cloud that reduced visibility to a matter of feet and of course the French had neglected to add any safety barriers on this narrow, windy mountain pass! Oh dear.

I guess it comes as no surprise that we survived the intrepid journey and I bet you have no idea where we have ended up (hint: look at the post title)…

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Bonjour de France!

Written around 6am on 28th July 2011

I think I probably kept these travel plans a little quieter than the ones from last year, but that’s mostly because I am useless and also because… well, I’m useless!

So what am I doing in France? James and I are spending the next month driving around the place with very little in the way of fixed plans. So who knows? But that’s part of the fun: watch this space!

Sadly though, this trip is not in the campervan, Lily, as originally planned as her engine died about a month ago and even if I had her fixed in time I don’t think I would have been confident running a freshly rebuilt engine in on quite such an epic journey! So our transport comes in the form of a mighty Ford Focus estate. James’ mighty Ford Focus estate, to be precise!

This has been semi-planned for a good few months now but as is my attitude to most things in life – “don’t worry, we’ll just see what happens!” – not much in the way of actual planning went ahead…

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